How to Watch WWE Network on Roku (2022)


WWE’s streaming platform is available on various devices, including Roku. Those who have a Roku player or TV can follow this guide to watch WWE Network on roku devices. We also have listed some alternative options.

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is one of the largest American sports entertainment companies. It has a vast influence worldwide due to its controversial yet meticulously choreographed matches between some of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. In fact, WWE is one of the few billion-dollar franchises that still manages to entertain millions around the globe.

If you are a fan of WrestleMania, SmackDown, and Raw wrestling events, you probably already know about WWE Network. Gone are the days of tuning into USA Network, E!, or Fox television channels to watch the fights; You can now stream all WWE wrestling events live and on-demand over the web without a cable connection.

WWE Network on Roku

Watch WWE Network on Roku via Peacock (Only in the U.S)

In January 2021, NBCUniversal acquired exclusive distribution rights to WWE Network and its original programming. It recently got merged with NBCUniversal’s new over-the-top streaming service, Peacock.

The current and future WWE Network content is now hosted on a dedicated channel within Peacock’s library. A selection of its programs is now available with Peacock’s free tier, with the entire collection exclusive to Peacock Premium subscribers. The complete library includes:

  • Thousands of hours of original series, documentaries, and classics from the WWE Archives on-demand.
  • Every live WWE pay-per-view event (e.g., SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, WrestleMania), with full replays on-demand (at no additional cost).
  • All full episode replays of NXT, Raw, and SmackDown on-demand, as well as older WCW and ECW events.

At the time of writing, WWE Network is still going through the migration process, and some of its original programs are missing from Peacock’s library. It’s also worth mentioning that WWE Network’s transition to Peacock only applies to the United States.

If you live in the United Kingdom or one of WWE Network’s serviceable regions in Europe, check out the next major section in this guide.

Steps to Add Peacock to Roku

In order to access WWE Network’s live and on-demand library in the US, you must begin with adding the Peacock channel to your Roku device. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, go to your Roku Home screen if you haven’t already.
  • Open the Channel Store by selecting Streaming Channels in the Home screen options.
  • Scroll down to the Movies & TV genre, then choose Peacock TV from the list of Roku streaming channels.


(If you can’t see Peacock in the list, go to Search Channels and use the on-screen keyboard to find it in the Channel Store.)

Search Channels


  • Once you on the Peacock TV channel info screen, click the Add channel. You might be asked to verify your Roku account PIN when adding the channel.
  • Click OK when Peacock TV is added to your channel list, then return to the Home screen.

If you want Peacock TV higher in the channel list, press the Options (✱) button on your Roku remote with the channel selected and click Move channel. After that, you can move it wherever you want in the list using the remote’s directional pad.

Steps to Activate Peacock on Roku

Once you have access to the Peacock TV Roku channel, head over to from your browser to sign up for a Peacock account. It’s pretty straightforward and takes a few steps to go through. Sometimes, Peacock also offers free trials and discounts for new subscribers.

You can avoid paying for the Peacock Premium monthly subscription, but it will limit your access to select WWE Network programs only. Note that the free tier doesn’t include the live pay-per-view events.

When you have your Peacock account, perform the following steps to activate the Peacock TV Roku channel.

  • Open the Peacock TV channel from your channel list on the Roku Home screen.
  • Click the Sign In option on the top-right corner of the welcome page.
  • Enter your Peacock account credentials (email and password) and hit the Sign In button once again.

When you manage to sign in successfully, head over to the Sports > WWE Network section in Peacock’s streaming library to enjoy live and on-demand WWE content on your Roku device. You can also tune into the linear 24/7 WWE Network channel from the following catalog.

Watch WWE Network on Roku in the Other Countries

As we mentioned before, WWE Network is still available as a standalone streaming subscription outside the United States. After all, NBCUniversal’s distribution rights to the service are exclusive to only one country.

If you are in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, or some other European region where the service is officially available, consider adding the official WWE Network channel to your Roku device. It’s the same process as we have shown above for adding the Peacock TV channel.


It provides access to every live WWE pay-per-view event, exclusive weekly in-ring premier shows, and on-demand replays of all Raw, SmackDown, and NXT UK episodes.

Plus, you can stream 10,000+ hours of WWE Network original series and documentaries, including The Edge and Christian Show, Meeting Stone Cold, Camp WWE, First Look, WWE 365, This Week in WWE, Table for 3, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, WWE Icons, My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar, and many more.

WWE Network does have a free tier, but most of its premium programming and live PPV events are unlocked only when you pay for the monthly WWE Network membership. The pricing varies depending on where you live, but you get the option to cancel your subscription anytime.

How to Activate WWE Network on Roku?

You must have an account to log into the WWE Network Roku channel. From your web browser, visit and click the Subscribe Now button to sign up for one. All you have to do is enter your email address and a password, and then verify your billing information for the subscription.

Once you have your account ready with an active membership, you can sign in to the WWE Network Roku channel with your credentials by following the on-screen prompts.

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This is how you can watch WWE Network on Roku. While American Roku users now need to sign up for the Peacock streaming service, Europeans can enjoy live and on-demand wrestling content on their Roku devices with the standalone WWE Network membership.

Both the Peacock and WWE Network streaming service supports several generations of Roku players, including Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streambar. If you got a Roku TV or a Smart Soundbar, you should also find the services on the Channel Store.

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