How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS5 (Guide 2022)


The following guide will show you how to watch Paramount Plus on PS5 in easy steps.

Paramount+, previously known as CBS All Access, is an American streaming service available across the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, the UK, and a few other European countries. With a massive backlog of ViacomCBS and Paramount content, along with countless original shows, films, and live sports events lined up for the next several months, never has it been a better time to get on board with Paramount+.

One can access Paramount+ on a wide range of devices, but there’s only one minor setback. While PlayStation 4 owners can enjoy their favorite movies, shows, and sports via the official Paramount+ app, the streaming app has yet to debut on the PlayStation 5 console. Chances are you’ve already learned the truth the hard way after not finding the app on the PlayStation Store on your PS5.

Still, you might wonder if there are alternative ways to watch Paramount Plus on PS5. Luckily, you’re not alone, and some users have already found a few clever workarounds to streaming Paramount+ content on their current-gen PlayStation console. We’ve discussed some easy methods to getting Paramount+ on PS5 in this guide.

Is the Paramount+ App Available on PS5?

The Paramount+ app has been available for the PlayStation 4 / 4 Pro consoles for quite some time now. However, the same doesn’t apply to the PlayStation 5, at least at the time of writing. It’s been over a year since the streaming service relaunched, and users are still waiting for a native PS5 app.

We reached out to Paramount+ support with the same question but didn’t receive a confident answer. There has been some speculation among Reddit users about Paramount+ officially launching on PS5 later this year or early 2023. So far, its unavailability on the current-gen PlayStation remains a mystery.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS5

Paramount Plus on PS5

Until they decide to launch the streaming app officially for the PS5, there are a couple of other ways you can watch Paramount+ on the console. Be sure to check them out below.

Watch Paramount Plus on PS5 via Amazon Prime Video

Paramount+ is available as an optional add-on channel on Amazon Prime Video. And since the Prime Video app works natively on PS5, you can install it on your console from the PlayStation Store, log in with a valid subscription, and stream Paramount+ content in Ultra HD.

There’s one small caveat: some earlier seasons of Paramount+ shows may be unavailable via the Paramount+ Prime Video channel due to licensing restrictions. However, you can enjoy all other on-demand content and live TV streams.

Assuming you have the Prime Video app on your PlayStation 5 and are an active Amazon Prime member, here’s how you can access the Paramount+ channel:

  • Open the Prime Video app and type “Paramount” in the Search option using the on-screen keyboard.
    Alternatively, scroll down to the Video Channels row on the app’s Home page and choose Paramount+.
  • You should see a banner saying “Paramount+ Prime Video Channels” at the top. Highlight and click it to continue.
  • Choose the Premium plan, then click the “Start your free trial” option.

Assuming you’ve got a valid payment method linked to your Amazon account, you should now be able to stream the vast library of Paramount+ (inc. live TV streams) via Prime Video on your PS5.

Note you’ll be billed through your Amazon account once your free trial expires. It’s also worth noting that you can’t subscribe to Paramount’s cheaper, ad-supported Essential plan through Amazon’s streaming service. Further, if you’re an existing Paramount+ subscriber, you can’t use it with Prime Video.

And when the time comes, you can use your Paramount+ channel subscription on Prime Video for the native Paramount+ app on your PS5. Simply visit and verify your Amazon credentials.

Watch Paramount Plus on PS5 via Apple TV

Apple TV is another streaming app offering Paramount+ as an add-on channel, available as a native PS5 app. Moreover, at the time of writing, you can redeem an extended Apple TV+ free trial offer of up to 6 months on your PS5.

Simply find the Apple TV app from your console’s search bar, download and open the Apple TV app, and follow the on-screen steps to log in with your Apple ID (you’ll need to create one if you don’t have it). After that, subscribing to Paramount+ from the Apple TV Channels is as easy as the following:

  • Launch the Apple TV app from your PS5’s Media home screen.
  • Next, search for the “Paramount+” channel and select it in the results.
  • Click the Try it Free or Subscribe button on the following screen. The app will ask you to verify your Apple ID.

Upon confirming your billing info, you can access the Paramount+ channel in the Apple TV app on your PS5. Like on Prime Video, note you can subscribe to the commercial-free Premium plan (live TV streams will still have promotional interruptions) and not the cheaper, ad-supported Essential tier.

You can verify your Apple TV Channels subscription from and use your credentials to log into the Paramount+ app when it’s natively available for the PlayStation 5 console and on all other supported devices.

Unlike on Amazon Prime Video, there are no licensing disputes associated with the earlier seasons of Paramount-owned TV shows on Apple TV+, meaning you can enjoy the complete on-demand library of Paramount Plus via the Apple TV PS5 app.

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Final Words

Although we still don’t have a native Paramount+ app on the console, you can subscribe to it as a “channel” on either Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV to watch Paramount Plus on PS5. You’ll have unlimited access to the same library of 30,000+ movies, shows, and originals in up to Ultra HD quality, along with Paramount’s live sports and news channels.

We did our best to explain the steps to getting Paramount Plus on PS5, but if you still have doubts, the comments section is always open. We hope you have a blast binging Paramount+ content on the big screen.

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