How to Add Pantaya on Roku (2022)


This guide contains detailed instructions on how to add and activate Pantaya on Roku. If you are new to the Roku ecosystem, we recommend following our guide to learn everything you need to know about the Pantaya Roku channel.

Pantaya is an OTT streaming service focused on delivering Hispanic content, with hundreds of new and classic Spanish blockbuster movies to offer. Lionsgate was in charge of operating the streaming platform until they quite recently handed it over to Hemisphere Media Group for about $124 million.

Like BritBox, Pantaya targets a niche audience, primarily the Hispanic people in the United States. However, the service has seen its subscription base inflate by 40% over the past year alone. Pantaya’s expansion to Spanish TV series and original content has also helped the service attract over 900K paid subscribers.

If you are into Spanish movies and shows, Pantaya is a must-have streaming subscription. Plus, you can get it today on your Roku player or TV without going through the hassle of screen mirroring or casting its content from another device.

What does the Pantaya Roku Channel Offer?

The Pantaya Roku channel provides access to the best Spanish movies and shows, including classic telenovelas. From animated films for kids to blockbuster titles for adults, Pantaya’s ever-growing content library has a little bit of everything to offer.

Whether you like the action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, family, horror, romance, suspense, or thriller genre, the following streaming channel has it all. Some of the critically acclaimed movies you can watch on Pantaya include Mi Amor Perdido, Villaviciosa De Al Lado, Amores Perros, Dia de Muertos, Cindy la Regia, Marcelo. Dulce Familia, Las Ninas Bien, Tigers Are Not Afraid, and more.

On top of that, you get access to dozens of Spanish-language TV shows, original series, and an extensive collection of documentaries. It even offers full-length, on-demand concert replays from popular Latin American performers. Pantelion, Lionsgate, Televisa, and Hemisphere are four of the leading content providers for Pantaya.

Even without paying for the monthly or annual subscription, you can watch a selection of movies and TV show episodes for free on the Pantaya Roku channel. The ad-supported catalog changes every month.

Features of the Pantaya Roku Channel

  • It opens the door to one of the largest Spanish-language content libraries from over seven countries, which you can enjoy with your family, friends, and on your own.
  • Pantaya adds new and classic hit Spanish movies every week, so you always have something fresh to watch.
  • The Pantaya Roku channel supports closed captioning, albeit only in Spanish.
  • You can set parental controls to restrict your kids from streaming mature content.
  • A single Pantaya subscription gives you ad-free access to the content catalog on up to four supported devices.

How to Add Pantaya on Roku?

Pantaya officially supports Roku, so you won’t have to jump through any hoops to stream Spanish movies and shows on your Roku device. All you have to do is visit the Pantaya Channel Store page, click the Add channel button, and then log into the same Roku account linked to your streaming player or TV.

If you currently have access to your Roku device, follow the below steps to add the Pantaya channel from the built-in Channel Store.

  • Use your Roku remote to scroll up or down the Roku Home screen and select Streaming Channels.
  • Next, scroll down the following Channel Store screen again to select the Search Channels.
  • Type “Pantaya”in the search field using the on-screen keyboard. It should bring up plenty of results.
  • After that, move to the results pane on the right and choose the top result.
  • Select Add channelon the Pantaya channel’s info page, then wait for a minute or so for your Roku to install the channel.

(Those who have a Roku account PIN might need to verify it to add the channel.)

  • When Pantaya is successfully added to your channel list, click OKto close the dialog box.

You can now return to the Roku Home screen and launch Pantaya from your channel list. Scroll down to the list’s end to find it.

If you wish to place the Pantaya channel to the top, highlight it and press the Star (✱) button on the remote. After that, select Move channel and use the remote’s D-pad to move the channel to your preferred spot.

How to Sign up for a Pantaya Subscription?

You can pay for the monthly Pantaya plan directly from your Roku device, provided that you have a working payment method added to your Roku account.

However, if you wish to use your Pantaya subscription on other devices as well, we recommend signing up from the service’s official website. Here’s how:

  • Go to from your browser, then scroll down the page and select Start 7-day Free Trial.
  • Next, enter your email address in the respective field and click Continue.
  • On the payments page, choose your subscription validity, select your payment method, and then enter the required billing credentials.
  • After that, hit the Continue button and wait for the verification process to finish up.
  • Once the system verifies your payment method, enter a unique password for your Pantaya account and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once you complete signing up for a Pantaya account with a recurring subscription, you are pretty much ready to log in to the Pantaya Roku channel.

Note that you won’t get immediately get charged for the selected plan as the first seven days of your Pantaya subscription are free. However, the availability of the free trial depends on where you live.

How to Activate Pantaya on Roku?

Now that you have a subscription and a Pantaya account, you can easily activate the Pantaya Roku channel by following the instructions below.

  • Start with opening Pantayafrom the channel list on the Roku Home screen.
  • Once it boots you to the main screen, navigate to the top and click the “LOG IN”button on the right. It should bring up an activation screen with a temporary code for authorization.
  • Visit your mobile or computer browser, enter the activation code shown on the Pantaya Roku channel, and hit Submit.
  • Finally, enter the email address and password you used to sign up for Pantaya, and then proceed to log in.

The activation screen on the Pantaya Roku channel will disappear once you manage to link your account from the browser. After that, you can enjoy streaming Spanish-language movies and shows from Pantaya’s expansive content library.

An Overview of Pantaya Roku Channel

The Pantaya Roku channel has a solid user interface. It’s intuitive to browse, and navigation is easy with the Roku remote. Once you activate the channel, you can cycle between four different menus from the top navigation section: HomeSeriesMovies, and Browse. Here’s more about them in detail:

  • Home: It’s Pantaya Roku channel’s default screen, highlighting the newest additions to the streaming library, trending movies and shows, and personalized collections.
  • Series: It gives you access to the complete collection of TV shows and original series Pantaya currently offers. The titles are neatly organized by various genres.
  • Movies: Similar to the previous menu, you can browse through all the Spanish-language movies on Pantaya by genre. Documentaries are also listed separately.
  • Browse: It’s the channel’s search menu, from where you can quickly find a title to watch. It also lets you filter the search according to category and genre.

If you want to change closed caption preferences, manage parental control settings, and check your subscription validity, click the cog icon on the far-right corner of the navigation section.

Furthermore, in case you would like to save a title to watch later, click the Playlist button on the info screen. After that, you should see a new tab pop up among the navigation options named “Playlist.” From there, you can quickly access the on-demand title you added before.

Watch Pantaya on Roku via Prime Video

If you are a Prime Video subscriber on Roku, you can sign up for Pantaya directly from the service. Like many other premium OTT streaming networks, Pantaya is available as a Prime Video channel at the same subscription price as the standalone option.

Pantaya on Prime Video offers the same content library, providing access to hundreds of Spanish-language movies, TV shows, originals, and documentaries. However, we recommend signing up for Pantaya via the Prime Video Roku channel only if you are an existing user.

It’s worth noting that you can’t use your Prime Video subscription to log into the Pantaya Roku channel or the official Pantaya streaming app on other devices.


Pantaya features pretty much everything you would expect from a Spanish-language streaming service. Plus, dozens of original series and exclusive content are slated to debut on Pantaya throughout this year and so on. Even the major U.S. streaming services don’t have such a massive focus on Hispanic entertainment.

Whether it’s the newest blockbuster film or a classic telenovela you wish to revisit, Pantaya on Roku is an excellent channel to have. The following streaming channel is compatible with Roku players as old as the 2nd-gen models. It also works on all the newer Roku TVs. Keep Visiting for more roku articles.

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