How to Watch MeTV on Roku (2022 Guide)


Is it possible to watch MeTV on Roku? The answer is yes, you can stream the channel live on your Roku box or TV.

If you’re a fan of classic television programs, MeTV is your ultimate destination. Memorable Entertainment Television, abbreviated as MeTV, is an American TV network launched in 2003, now airing a wide range of classic TV shows from the early ‘30s to the late ‘90s. The channel broadcasts nationwide, carried mainly by affiliated stations in most markets.

Viewers can enjoy MeTV and its new spin-off channel centered on off-network dramas and sitcoms aptly named MeTV+ through their preferred cable and satellite providers. MeTV also offers a mobile app that lets you enjoy dozens of MeTV-owned series on-demand alongside a live stream of your local MeTV station (in select markets) on the go.

But what about those without a cable or satellite TV connection using a Roku instead? Continue reading this guide to learn more.

Is MeTV available as a Roku Channel?

MeTV isn’t officially available on Roku as a channel at the time of writing. Currently, the MeTV app is available on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. However, with no support for AirPlay and Chromecast, you can’t cast the live MeTV stream or on-demand episodes to your Roku through the mobile app.

While some users have previously suggested utilizing Roku’s “screen mirroring” feature to mirror the phone’s screen for watching MeTV on a larger display, the recent updates have rendered the workaround non-functional and the app mostly useless.

But that isn’t the end of the world, as it’s still possible to watch MeTV legally on a Roku device. It involves two popular over-the-top live TV streaming services, Frndly TV and Philo. You can read through the following sections for more information.

Watch MeTV on Roku via Frndly TV

watch metv on roku

Frndly TV is a US-based television streaming service offering 40+ live channels, including MeTV and its sister channels, Heroes & Icons, Decades, Movies!, and Start TV, for a highly affordable subscription price. Plus, you can watch some of MeTV’s current programming on demand and record your favorite shows with unlimited DVR.

Since Frndly TV is available as a Roku channel, you can add it to your channels list and sign in with a valid subscription to watch MeTV on Roku. However, it isn’t free, and you need to pay for one of the following plans: Basic, Classic, and Premium.

They all offer the same networks but differ in terms of stream quality, availability of unlimited DVR, and the number of simultaneous screens. As a new user, you’ll also get to try out the first seven days of your subscription for free.

Here are step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to watch MeTV on Roku via Frndly TV:

Add Frndly TV on Roku

  • Press the Home button on the remote to go to your Roku’s home screen.
  • Scroll down and select Streaming Channels to access the Channel Store.
  • Navigate to Search Channels and use the on-screen keyboard to search for “Frndly TV.”

Search Channels on roku

  • When you see the Frndly TV channel appear under results, highlight and click it.
  • In the following channel description screen, select Add channel and verify your Roku PIN (optional) to install Frndly TV on your Roku device.

Alternatively, you can add Frndly TV to your Roku device from the web (login required) or via the Roku mobile app. Once added, you can access it from your channels list under Home on the main screen. You may also move it to the top by pressing the ✱ button on your remote and selecting the Move channel option.

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Activate Frndly TV on Roku

  • Launch Frndly TV from your Roku Home screen.
  • Click the button that says “Watch Free for 7 Days,” followed by Continue, assuming you haven’t signed up for the service yet.
    Proceed with SIGN IN and verify your credentials only if you’ve already signed up for an account from the official website.
  • Choose and review the plan that’s right for you and click Continue.
    Apart from choosing between the Basic, Classic, and Premium tiers, you can opt to pay for your preferred plan Monthly or Annually.
  • Once you click Continue, Frndly TV will use your personal information tied to your Roku profile to auto-create an account.
  • Finally, verify the payment method linked to your Roku account to start your Frndly TV subscription.

Enjoy MeTV on Roku with Frndly TV

Voila! You can now tune into MeTV live from the GUIDE tab in the Frndly TV Roku channel. Go to the ON DEMAND tab and pick MeTV from the “Networks” carousel to watch the most recent episodes of your favorite MeTV programs, e.g., Svengoolie, Collector’s Call, The Andry Griffith Show, and The Jetsons on-demand.

Note you’ll be charged for your Frndly TV subscription immediately after the 7-day free trial expires. Should you wish to cancel before the billing, visit, log in with your credentials, and select Cancel Subscription.

If you’ve subscribed from Roku, highlight Frndly TV in your channels list, press ✱ on your remote, and choose Manage subscription, followed by Cancel subscription.

Watch MeTV on Roku via Philo

Philo is another OTT streaming TV service that has recently started offering MeTV alongside other Weigel Network channels like Decades, Start TV, Heroes & Icons, and Story Television. Its on-demand library also has many current and former MeTV shows and movies.

Overall, for 60+ channels, unlimited DVR, and up to three concurrent streams, Philo is a fantastic option to consider. While it isn’t as affordable as Frndly TV, the monthly subscription is priced modestly compared to the likes of Hulu and YouTube TV, none of which currently offer MeTV.

Since Roku is on Philo’s list of supported devices, you can add it to your channels list the same way we’ve shown above for Frndly TV. You can sign up from for a 7-day free trial and log into Philo on Roku with your account details to watch MeTV live on the big screen.

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In Summary

MeTV as a channel is unavailable on the Roku Channel Store, but you can sign up for a Frndly TV or Philo plan to watch MeTV on Roku. We’ve provided the necessary instructions to do so through this handy guide.

For those wondering, it’s unfortunate that there’s currently no way to watch MeTV on Roku for free. We’ll update this guide with additional details in the future if we find out a workaround for that.

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