How to Watch FS1 on Roku (2022)


In this step-by-step instructional guide, you will learn How to Watch FS1 on Roku devices.

There’s no doubt that Fox Sports is one of the renowned sports channels in the United States. Its FS1 and FS2 channels are equally popular among sports fans, which replaced Speed and Fuel TV in 2013. Last year, FS1 or Fox Sports 1 averaged 236k viewers on its own, with steady growth in Fox’s other networks as well.

If you didn’t know, FS1 currently broadcasts a variety of live sports events, including baseball, soccer, golf, college sports, motorsports, and dozens of combat sports events. It also airs daily sports news, discussion and analysis programs, and sports-centric reality shows.

According to recent reports, FS1 is accessible among 90.3% of American households with a pay-TV subscription. This raises the question of whether it’s possible to watch FS1 somewhere else other than the cable or satellite TV boxes. Fortunately, there are several sources.

The Fox Sports network offers complimentary TV Everywhere service to those subscribed to the channels via participating cable and satellite providers. With the rise of over-the-top live TV services, thousands of cord-cutters can also watch FS1. The following services are available across an array of devices.

Roku currently has over 51 million users in the United States, and you probably are one of them. So, let us show you how to stream FS1 on Roku so that you can enjoy live sports on the big screen.

Can you Watch FS1 on Roku with FOX Sports Channel?

The FOX Sports Roku channel is home to hundreds of live sporting events and exclusive content. It allows you to stream almost every game broadcasted on Fox’s sports channels, including FS1, FS2, and FOX Sports.

In case you are wondering, FS1 has rights to broadcast Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Liga MX, Copa Libertadores, XFL, PBA Tour, USGA Championships, NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series, Major League Rugby, NCAA college football and basketball tournaments, alongside a dozen other sports events.

You can watch every one of the matches live on the FOX Sports Roku channel on the scheduled date.

FS1’s flagship studio programs are also available on-demand on the following Roku channel, including Big Noon Kickoff, NASCAR Race Hub, Speak For Yourself, The Herd With Colin Cowherd, Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, First Things First, Lock It In, and many more.

One of FOX Sports Roku channel’s main highlights is the availability of 4K/UHD live sports streams. However, you will need a Roku Premiere, Premiere+, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Ultra, or an Ultra HD Roku TV to enjoy the 4K sports content.

It’s worth mentioning that only a handful of FS1 events are broadcasted in such high resolution, and your TV provider has to support it.

Speaking of subscription, you need to log into the FOX Sports Roku channel with your television provider to access the FS1 live channel feed. Note that it doesn’t have any standalone subscription model. Despite that, you can subscribe to one of the participating OTT live TV services to sign in. More on that later.

How to watch FS1 on Roku with FOX Sports

Provided that you have a cable or satellite pay-TV subscription, it’s a straightforward process to watch FS1 live on the FOX Sports Roku channel.

All you have to do is add it to your Roku device from the Channel Store, then activate it with your provider login credentials to verify that FS1 is included in your TV subscription. Here’s the whole process in detail:

Steps to Add FOX Sports Roku Channel

  • If you are on the Roku Home screen, scroll down to the Streaming Channels option and click it.
  • Next, click Search Channels on the following screen to open the search menu.
  • Use the keyboard on the screen to search for the “FOX Sports” channel on the Channel Store.
  • The two following channels should appear in the results bar: FOX Sports and FOX Sports Go. Proceed with the first option.
  • Now click Add channel on the FOX Sports Roku channel page. You may need to verify your Roku account PIN to add the channel.
  • When the channel gets added to your Roku device successfully, click OK to return back to the Home screen.

You can also add the FOX Sports channel to your Roku player or TV from your web browser. Simply go to this Channel Store page, click the Add channel button, and then log into your Roku account.

The FOX Sports channel will get automatically added to the channels list on the Roku Home screen.

Steps to Activate FOX Sports Roku Channel

  • First, open FOX Sports from the bottom of the channels list.
  • Once you are on the channel’s Home page, move to the top navigation bar and select Settings on the right.
  • Click Sign In in the Settings menu. An activation screen will appear with a code.
  • Head over to from your browser, enter the provided activation code, and then click Submit.
  • After that, choose your TV provider from the list, then wait for the login page to load up.
  • Sign in with your provider login info to finish the activation process.

Once the FOX Sports Roku channel verifies that FS1 and Fox’s other sports networks are part of your TV package, it will unlock its live and on-demand sports library for you.

To watch the live FS1 channel stream, go to the TV Schedule menu from the top navigation bar and select FS1 from the list. You can also access FOX Sports, FS2, and BTN only if they are included in your TV package.

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Can you Watch Live FS1 on Roku Without Cable?

Yes, there are several over-the-top live television services that allow you to watch FS1 on Roku without a cable or satellite connection. Consider checking them out below if you are a cord-cutter and wish to watch Fs1 Live Stream on your Roku player or TV.


Vidgo isn’t as popular as its established rivals in the live TV streaming market, but its 85+ channel lineup comes at a surprisingly competitive monthly subscription cost. It provides access to not only FS1 but also other sports channels from Fox and ESPN networks.

Although it doesn’t have cloud DVR features, you get up to three simultaneous screens with a single Vidgo subscription. If you have multiple Roku or other supported streaming devices in your house, this might be it for streaming live sports.


If you don’t need that many channels, the Sling Blue monthly plan from popular live TV provider Sling is a decent choice. It has FS1, as well as a handful of other popular sports, news, and entertainment channels to offer. If you are looking for more sports channels, the Sling Orange + Blue with the Sports Extras add-on is the way to go.

Sling also provides fifty hours of cloud DVR and three device streams with the Sling Blue plan. Note that the number of simultaneous streams and DVR recording time is different on Sling’s other subscription plans.


Hulu’s only live TV plan has a 65+ live channel lineup covering almost all the sports channels from Fox, ESPN, and NBC networks. FS1 is a part of it. On top of that, you get access to Hulu’s entire on-demand streaming library on Roku.

The Hulu + Live TV plan also offers fifty hours’ worth of cloud storage for recordings. You can only use your subscription on two devices at the same time, but you can pay for the Unlimited Screens add-on to uncap the limit.


If you are willing to pay a premium for a broader lineup of sports channels, fuboTV is for you. Its Family plan has over 100+ channels, which also includes FOX Sports, FS1, FS2, and other channels from famous American sports networks.

With fuboTV’s Family plan, you get 250 hours of cloud DVR space and three concurrent screens. The features and channel lists are even more compelling on the higher-tier Elite subscription plan.

Note that fuboTV is currently the only OTT TV provider with 4K support. Some of FS1’s UHD sports streams are made available on the service.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is on par with fuboTV in pricing, even though its channel lineup falls short of the latter. Still, it has FS1, FS2, ESPN, NBCSN, NFL Network, and several other sports channels you can enjoy live on your Roku device.

Unlike fuboTV, YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud DVR storage. If you have multiple Roku players in your house, its three simultaneous streams and up to six personalized profiles are something you may consider.

At the time of writing, the service has also announced to release a new add-on package in the upcoming weeks that enables 4K streaming and unlimited streams on YouTube TV, so keep your eyes peeled.

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As you can see, there’s clearly plenty of options to watch FS1 on Roku. You can either log into the FOX Sports Roku channel with your cable TV subscription or sign up for a live TV streaming bundle that includes the Fox Sports 1 channel.

If you decide to go with one of the following OTT plans, you can also use it to activate the FOX Sports Roku channel and enjoy its exclusive sports content library. We have given proper instructions to help you do it above in this guide.

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