How to Change Language on Disney Plus on Roku


This article will help you to change language on disney plus on roku. Disney is a common household name known throughout the globe, so it only makes sense that they make their content available in many different languages.

Disney Plus, in particular, does not only offer a massive back catalog and new originals to stream from the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic, but they also make them more accessible to the masses by providing audio dubs and subtitles in up to 16 languages.

Disney+ usually sets the audio language as per the device’s default settings, whether you’re using it on your phone, tablet, game console, browser, or Roku. However, like most streaming services, changing the language track or subtitles is a few taps away.

On Roku, the process is slightly different than on other compatible devices. This handy guide will show you how to change the language on Disney Plus on Roku.

Changing the Audio language on Disney+ on Roku

Disney Plus, at the time of writing, supports audio tracks and closed captions in sixteen languages, including English, Spanish (Latin America or Spain versions), Cantonese, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal versions), and Polish. Here are the steps to changing the audio language within the player of the Disney+ Roku channel:

  • Press the Home button on your remote and open Disney+ from your Roku’s channels list.
  • Select your Profile, then choose to watch any movie, show, or documentary from the catalog.
  • When you’re in the video player, press the Star ✱ button on your Roku remote to bring up the “Audio track” menu.
  • Finally, choose your desired language track from the sidebar.

Changing the Audio language on Disney+ on Roku

That’s it! The stream should rebuffer for a second and play the content in the audio language you’ve selected.

Changing the Subtitle Language on Disney+ on Roku

If you own a newer Roku model, you can toggle subtitles and change the subtitle language on Disney Plus on the fly. The process goes as follows:

  • Launch the Disney+ channel from your channels list, then select your preferred profile on the “Who’s Watching” screen.
  • Next, choose a title from the library and start watching.
  • In the player, press the UP navigational button on your Roku Remote, then scroll to the Audio and Subtitles option.
  • Choose your desired subtitle language from the Subtitles bar.

If you don’t find the option, press the Star ✱ button on your remote and select Caption track in the “Closed Caption/Audio Configuration” menu. You can then cycle through the available subtitle languages using the navigation buttons.

Those running the Disney+ channel on an older Roku model may need to go to the “Audio and Subtitles” menu on the description page of a selected movie or TV show.

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Change Disney+ Channel Language on Roku

Apart from changing the language on individual movies and shows, the Disney+ Roku channel also allows users change the interface language for individual profiles. And with up to seven profiles per Disney+ subscription, this is perfect for a multilingual family. Here’s how you can change the channel language on Roku for each profile:

  • Start with launching the Disney+ channel on your Roku.
  • On the “Who’s Watching” screen, click Edit Profiles, then choose the profile for which you wish to change the interface language.
  • Scroll down and select App Language, then pick the language you’d want to use for the chosen profile.
  • Finally, click the Save button on the right to confirm your changes.

Once you successfully change the language, it’ll take you back to the profile selection screen. You can then select your profile and see the Disney+ channel language change to the one you’ve chosen for it.

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Final Words

Above we’ve given step-by-step instructions to change the language on Disney Plus on Roku. By following the instructions, you can effortlessly change the audio dub, subtitle, and channel language to your preferred one.

It’s important to note that not all Disney+ movies and shows will be available in your desired language. The selection may also vary by your region. If you’re unable to stream a specific title in your preferred language, that version is likely unavailable in your country. Only by using a VPN can you bypass the limitation.

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