How to Install BritBox on Roku (2022 Guide)


In this step-by-step guide, we will explain how to install and activate britbox on Roku.

BritBox is an online subscription-based video streaming service, run by BBC and ITV as a joint venture. As the name suggests, BritBox focuses on delivering a vast collection of British movies and shows, mostly sourced from U.K-based television networks and film studios.

The service is currently served in four countries: The United States, Canada, and of course, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Its availability was previously quite limited, which isn’t the case anymore. BritBox is now officially available across Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices.

If you are into British soaps, dramas, and originals, perhaps you will find BritBox’s streaming library appealing. This guide will show you how to get BritBox on Roku devices. In fact, the service has its official Roku channel, which we have extensively discussed below.

What can you watch with BritBox on Roku?

The BritBox Roku channel offers a massive library of movies and shows, both modern and classic ones. It also has a respectable collection of original content produced by Channel 5. If you are looking for British television box sets, BritBox is an excellent choice over other Acorn TV.

Comedy Central is also a content provider of BritBox, meaning that you get to watch British comedies as well. Furthermore, three of Britain’s premier broadcasters, BBC, ITV, and C4, offer most of the soaps and dramas televised on U.K television. As of now, BritBox is in talks with dozens of television and film production companies to extend its on-demand content catalog.

You can stream the following British shows on BritBox: Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Shetland, Vera, Cold Feet, Poirot, Mum, Are You Being Served, There She Goes, Broken, WPC 56, Trauma, Maigret, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, Gardener’s World, Isolation Stores, McDonald & Dodds, Wild Bill, Scarborough, 15 Days, The Victim, and many more. One of the highlights of the service is its complete archive of the Doctor Who classic series.

Apart from movies and shows, BritBox is home to documentaries, special events, and old-school British flicks. Its streaming library is ever-growing, and its new originals will make you continue your subscription.

Here’s what a BritBox subscription will cost you in serviceable countries:

  • United States: $6.99/month and $69.99/year
  • Canada: $8.99/month and $89.99/year
  • United Kingdom: £5.99/month and £59.99/year

New subscribers get a 7-day free trial on BritBox as well. The service is free of advertisements, and there are no hidden fees.

Features of BritBox on Roku

  • You can watch thousands of British content on BritBox, including the latest and classic films, TV shows, original series, and documentaries.
  • The BritBox Roku channel lets you discover the entire streaming catalog in alphabetic order.
  • Once you start watching content on BritBox, the channel will recommend films and shows based on what you like.
  • You will be able to stream your favorite British content in up to 1080p Full HD quality.
  • If you already use BritBox on another device, the BritBox Roku channel will automatically sync your watch history and favorites.

How to Get BritBox on Roku?

BritBox is officially available on the Roku Channel Store. You can go to this Channel Store link to add the BritBox channel to your Roku device directly from the browser. Note that you will need to log in to your Roku account.

If you currently have your Roku device powered on and connected to the internet, go through the following steps instead:

  • On the Roku Home screen, scroll down and click Streaming Channels. It should open up the built-in Channel Store.
  • Now scroll down the menu again and select Search Channels. You can now use the on-screen keyboard to search for the “BritBox”
  • Move to the search results panel on the right side of the interface and choose the BritBox channel at the top.
  • Click Add channel once you are on the BritBox Roku channel page. Depending on how you set up your Roku account, you may have to verify your account PIN first.
  • Once BritBox is added, click OK to close the dialog box.

To launch BritBox on Roku, go to the end of the channels list on the Roku Home page. For quick access, make sure to move it to the top.

In order to move the channel, all you have to do is press the Star button on your remote and click Move channel with BritBox highlighted in the list.

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How to Sign up for a BritBox Subscription?

As mentioned before, BritBox is a subscription-based service and thus requires you to pay for a monthly or annual plan. Before you open the BritBox Roku channel, follow the steps below if you don’t have a subscription yet.

  • First, visit from your current browser, and click the ‘Start Watching For Free’ link. It will send you to an account creation page.
  • Enter your name and email address in their respective fields, then create a password. Click Create Account once you fill-up the form.
  • After that, choose your BritBox Plan (Monthly or Annual) and scroll down to the billing information form.
  • Type in your credit/debit card details and postal code. Make sure to double-check the credentials before clicking Submit.

Once your payment details are verified successfully, your 7-day free trial of BritBox should be immediately activated. The service will charge your card after the free trial period ends.

It’s worth mentioning that you can pay for the subscription using Google Pay in the United Kingdom.

How to Activate BritBox on Roku?

Activating BritBox on Roku is a simple and straightforward process. The whole activation process goes as follows:

  • Open the BritBox app from the channels list on your Roku device.
  • Now click the Sign in option on the upper-right corner of the BritBox Roku channel.
  • Enter the same email address and password you used to sign up for the BritBox account.
  • Finally, click the Sign in button and wait for the BritBox Roku channel to log you in.

Once you successfully activate BritBox on Roku, click Start watching to return to the channel’s Home page.

A Quick Guide to Use BritBox on Roku

The BritBox Roku channel has a simple yet modern-looking user interface. From the navigation panel, you can switch between four pages: HomeDiscoverA-Z, and Royal. The Search and Profile option can also be accessed from the panel’s right side.

The Home page is where you can scroll through featured British movies, shows, and personalized content recommendations. You also get quick access to a few categories on the first row of the page, such as Comedy, Drama, Doc & Lifestyle, Mystery, and New.

From the Discover page, you can explore movies, TV shows, originals, and documentaries by category. Everything is sorted in order, season by season. You should also find curated collections of content. Visit the A-Z page for a toned-down search experience, as it sorts the streaming library in alphabetical order.

When you select a show to play, you get an overview of it, as well as access to the full episode library. Whether you wish to add it to your watchlist or browse related content, you can do it from the same overview menu.

To enable closed captions, simply toggle the player overlay and click the CC logo on the bottom-right corner.

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Watch BritBox on Roku with Prime Video

If you have a Prime Video subscription and use it to watch on-demand content on Roku, you can access the BritBox library from there too. It is available as a Prime Video channel add-on.

Adding the BritBox channel on Prime Video will cost you the same as the standalone subscription. However, note that you have to continue paying for the regular Prime membership to access the channel.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to log in to the BritBox Roku channel with your Amazon account and vice-versa.

Wrapping Up

For those who have a broad interest in British films and episodic series, BritBox is a must-have subscription. Fortunately, Roku users can enjoy BritBox on Roku via either the official Roku channel or Prime Video. This guide has extensive details on how to add and activate the BritBox Roku channel.

The BritBox channel supports almost every Roku device from 2015 or later, including Roku players, TVs, and soundbars.

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